These Are The Top 3 Marijuana Stocks in CBD Oil Right Now

Cannabidiol (“CBD”) is set to be a $2 billion industry by the end of the decade. CBD oil contains no psychoactive properties, opening up a market for medicinal and therapeutic products in health and wellness. As the market begins to see the potential of CBD oil, it is high time investors seriously start considering adding a CBD-friendly pot stock to their portfolios. These are the top three marijuana stocks in CBD oil right now:

Aphria Inc.

APH chart by TradingView

Aphria Inc. (TSX:APH) is a marijuana stock that is worth the investment right now. And their role in CBD oil extraction and distribution is part of the reason why. They recently set their sights on the South American market by becoming the exclusive supplier for ColCanna SAS.

ColCanna SAS is the first cannabis cultivator to receive a license to grow cannabis in Colombia’s luxuriant coffee zone. The company’s licenses for THC and CBD extraction are also pending. In the meantime, Ahpria is providing the company with cannabis products to further research and development. The end goal is to establish ColCanna as a supplier of Aphria’s pharmacy-grade CBD oil in South America, a move that could set Aphria up quite nicely and give them a chance to dominate the CBD market.

Scythian Biosciences Corporation (TSXV.SCYB) is in the process of acquiring ColCanna SAS, and the three companies are working together with an international supply agreement.

Isodiol International Inc.

ISOLF chart by TradingView

May was a “historic month” for this marijuana stock. Isodiol International Inc. (CSE:ISOL) (OTC:ISOLF) CEO Marcos Argamont said as much in the company’s corporate update on June 11, which included the CAD$3.3 million the company earned last month in unaudited revenue.

And Isodiol has put in the work over the past couple of months. In May, they signed a licensing agreement with Liberty Health Sciences (CSE.LHS) (OTC.LHSIF) to bring a suite of CBD treatments to Florida and Massachusetts. And earlier in April, the company was approved to use their strains of CBD as an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. Isodiol’s strains are the first to be developed as 99 percent pure, and the company intends to develop a range of high-quality CBD products with their purified strains.

While CBD oil faces legal challenges at the federal level, Isodiol’s strategic moves into the American CBD market make them a marijuana stock to watch.

GW Pharmaceuticals

GWPH chart by TradingView

GW Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:GWPH) is setting the bar quite high for marijuana stocks when it comes to CBD oil. They made headlines as the first pharmaceutical company to have a cannabis-based drug approved by the FDA, and it is only starting to pave the way for more.

GW Pharmaceuticals is confident their new drug Epidiolex will receive the same warm reception as their first. Sativex is used to treat muscle spasticity, a symptom of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and is already in Phase 3 of testing. It contains a one-to-one ratio of CBD to THC. Marketing permissions are already approved in 21 countries across the European Union.

Earning FDA approval for Epidiolex was a major feat, but it is entirely too early in the game to know what happens next. If anything, GW Pharmaceuticals could start changing the way people look at CBD oil, and that would be good news for marijuana stock investors.

And Don’t Forget…

Though still a private company, when it comes to CBD, Tilray Canada is a sleeper pick to watch for many reasons. They announced their own brand of CBD cannabis products in May, appropriately calling it Tilray 2:100 for the 2:100 ratio of THC to CBD the medicine delivers. According to a statement, 100 milligrams of CBD is a target concentration for treating epileptic disorders. Current trials are studying the medicine as a treatment for children with Dravet Syndrome.

Shortly after announcing the new products, Tilray finalized a collaborative agreement with Sandoz Canada. The move officially crowns Sandoz as the first Canadian pharmaceutical company to enter the cannabis industry. But Sandoz Canada will not participate in the recreational market. Instead, their collaborative efforts will focus on CBD oil. Sandoz will help Tilray develop new medical CBD products with proper dosing.

Tilray’s CBD extracts are produced at their cGMP-certified facility, which is already held to strict regulatory standards. But Sandoz’s pharmaceutical-grade regulations for dosing and delivery could give Tilray another authoritative boost in this competitive market. The boost would come just in for NASDAQ listing, too, which Tilray applied for on June 2019.