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We are a bioscience company focused on innovative product development and advanced clinical research in the hemp industry.


We ensure our customers get the levels of natural cannabinoids tested for safety, to ensure there are no solvents, heavy metals, or other potentially harmful materials.


We are the first cannabinoid company to integrate, develop and execute its multilevel and multi-market strategic approach towards medical and industrial hemp.


Every product we make goes through rigorous quality testing following industry practices along with all OSHA. Each of our items are mixed and produced in safe facilities.

Wholesale Products

We’re a multi-state industrial hemp reseller and manufacture. All the CBD products we offer from isolate, distillate, crude, bio-mass, flower and vape supplies can all be purchased in bulk quantites and shipped to your company or lab for testing.


Let us help you build your brand today!

CBD White Label

Our product development and fulfillment team provide customers with the perfect finished and formulated hemp products. We offer an array of formulated, tested, packaged, and finished products ready to have your brand/logo placed on it!


Our company values are to inspire and promote good health!

We believe that The United States has set the gold standard in the global hemp industry and that we are well positioned to be a leader for innovation and best practices.

Evidenced by our strategic licensing and distribution model, EXO is focused on building an international network to distribute the our brand of products on a global scale.

Quality Control

We recommend using premium labs with high-end instruments and qualified methodologies to test our products to make sure there is zero THC, metals or pesticides. 

USA – CBD vs Opioids

EXO has been working with multiple universities to address the opioid misuse and overdose are a public health crisis in the United States. There remains an urgent need for simple and achievable prevention, treatment and recovery policies that can reduce opioid overdose, CBD has become a solution.

Patients Prefer CBD vs Opioids 

Patients Seeking New Treatments

Lower Overdose Deaths Due to CBD

University Researchers

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